Monday, February 28, 2011

Revised Schedule of Assignments (REVISED AGAIN 3/3/11)

M 2/28: 4th Story Workshop

W 3/2: WRITE: 4th Story Reflection due, READ: "Woman Hollering Creek" by Sandra Cisneros

M 3/7: WRITE: 5th Story Due, READ: "Aunt Granny Lith" by Chris Offutt (in book) and "Handfasting" by Leni Zumas

W 3/9: 5th Story Workshop

M 3/14: Conferences; DUE:Fiction/Literary Reading Review (100 points)

W 3/16: Conferences; DUE:Fiction/Literary Reading Review (100 points)

M 3/21: Chapbook Workshop

W 3/23: WRITE: Chapbook Due

REMINDER: Fiction/Literary Reading Review: Due by Monday March 14. You will need to attend one “literary” reading sometime during the quarter. I will recommend local readings, but you may attend any reading you like, as long as fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction is being read/performed (or discussed by the author). When you go to the reading, be sure to take notes as to when and where the reading is taking place, who is reading, what they read, and how you’re reacting to what you’re observing (Was the writing good? Interesting? What was it like to go to a reading?). This information (along with your notes) should be included in your typed, double-spaced, 2-3 page well-written and proofread review of the event. The community lit site on page one has links to readings if you’re searching online.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short Story Assignment #4

Write a short story built from five separate scenes. Each scene should be 200-300 words long. Feel free to let your scenes intersect OR diverge.

In preparation for this assignment, please read "Woman Hollering Creek" by Sandra Cisernos. Follow the above link for a digital copy of this story (not in your anthology book).

Due Wed February 23.

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Workshop Groups for Short Story Assignments #3 and #4

I: Cora, Kelsey N., Robbie, Sage, Stephen

II: Andy, Bryn, Caity, Jared, Karina, Taylor

III: Brian, Chris, Erica, Kelsey E., Mike, Mackenzie

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Short Story Assignment #3

Due Monday Feb 14.

Choose a newspaper article to use as the basis for a 3-6 page short story. Look to the article for elements of character, plot, and language that could be used as structures for you own story. Consider carefully choosing a few details from the article that could be exaggerated or defamiliarized to make the reader see the story in a new way. The exaggeration or defamiliarization may take the form of science fiction or fantasy, but that is not a requirement.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011